Nespresso machine compatible capsules

Capsules for coffee brewing in Nespresso capsules machines are available from many manufacturers in packs of 10 or more capsules. In most popular coffee types from espresso to mocha.

The largest range of capsules for Nespresso machines, can be found under the brands Nespresso, L'Or, Starbucks, CafePod or Lavazza. And they are available in online stores as well as supermarkets.

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Nespresso Coffee Machine

Dolce Gusto coffee machine capsules

Dolce Gusto coffee machines, together with Nespresso, are among the most widely used capsule coffee machines, which is associated with an extensive range of compatible capsules on the market.

In addition to making espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, the Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machines are also suitable for children who can use it to make hot chocolate or tea.

Coffee type: EspressoCappuccinoChocolateLatte Macchiato
Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Overview of coffee capsules on the market

Capsule coffee machines are one of the easiest ways to make homemade coffee. The most widely used capsule devices include Dolce Gusto and Nespresso, where compatible capsules from a large number of coffee makers can be purchased via the Internet or in the supermarket. In addition to almost all types of coffee, machines can also prepare hot chocolate or tea, which is especially appreciated by children. When you choose a drink you make at home in the morning, you are limited only by your own capsules. For the selection of new capsules for the coffee machine and for easier shopping, we have prepared this website which aims to provide the most comprehensive overview of the offer of capsules in online stores and supermarkets. with coffee capsule catalog was launched as in January 2020 when it contained less than 200 products due to the complexity of product data collecting. The main goal at start-up was to create references and thereby facilitate the acquisition of additional FMCG data. The site operates on custom engine which was originally developed and tested on the domain With its own system on which works, should be facilitated future development to improve the usability and information value of the pages.

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